Wastewater Plan 2012 – 2019

On 15 May 2012, the town council of the Municipality of Kolding adopted the Wastewater Plan 2012-2019 (Spildevandsplan 2012 – 2019).

In this plan the Municipality of Kolding sets out how the municipality – in its capacity of wastewater and environment authority, together with BlueKolding – in its capacity of utility provider, will ensure that the municipality’s citizens and business enterprises will have access to efficient and reliable wastewater discharge and treatment The plan is to make sure that neither wastewater nor surface water will represent a hazard with respect to compliance with the environmental requirements relating to streams, lakes, coastal areas, and groundwater.

The plan further describes how the municipality intends to take preventive measures to reduce such wastewater discharge as may lower the quality of beach water qualities, typically in connection with heavy rainfall during the summer period. The plan and its codes of practice must ensure a uniform treatment of citizens and business enterprises in connection with the implementation of the wastewater plan. The plan must further ensure transparency with respect to initiatives and measures to be introduced for the wastewater area within various districts of the municipality – and when.Last but not least, the plan also constitutes the legal foundation for various decisions and resolutions to be made by the municipality within the area of wastewater treatment.