History and plans for wastewater treatment and climate-proofing

If you live in Kolding you have no other option than to choose us as your provider with respect to the service of discharging and cleaning your water.

Not even if you should not be satisfied with what we do or the way in which we perform our services. To us, this factor obliges us to do everything in our power to do our job in the best possible way.

Further, we are also committed to do so as cost-effective as at all possible. So, when we invest in new solutions targeted at saving and producing energy, we do so for the purposes of avoiding being harmful to the environment and rather benefit the environment, whilst also keeping your expenses for our services as low as we possibly can. What we do must pay off – for you and for the environment.

BlueKolding is a limited company which is 100% owned by the Municipality of Kolding – which is to say: by the Kolding citizens and enterprises. Hence, we cannot generate a profit from our services. What you pay us will be used for the operation and maintenance of sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants, for the climate proofing of Kolding against flooding, and for the investment in solutions which will be beneficial to the environment and secure an income that will make it cheaper for you to be a customer with us.

Facts about BlueKolding

  • We own and maintain the 2000 km of sewage-pipe system in the Municipality of Kolding.
  • We own and operate six wastewater treatment plants in the municipality
  • We make sure that rain and waste water is discharged from households and enterprises
  • We clean you wastewater and returns it to nature
  • We take care of climate proofing Kolding by the establishment of plants geared towards the minimising of sewage overflow
  • We control and monitor the wastewater plants round the clock
  • We renovate, expand and modernise the sewage system, updating it to keep in step with the continuously increasing heavy rainfalls of the future
  • We are an autonomous limited company, fully owned by the Municipality of Kolding
  • We provide our services to about 90,000 customers in 33,000 households in the Municipality of Kolding
  • We are about 40 committed employees

Want to know more about BlueKolding – What we do and how we do it?

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