Climate Plan 2007-2021 for the Municipality of Kolding

As an element in the long-term climate work, a long-term development plan – Energy Kolding (Energi Kolding) – was developed in 2007.

The plan constitutes a tool for approaching the climate challenges and the rapid development within this area. The objectives of the plan are ambiguous and later, in 2008, they were fine-tuned in connection with the adoption of Strategy Kolding.

The Municipality of Kolding’s final, 2021, objectives within energy and climate are:

  • A 75% reduction in CO2 emissions for each citizen as compared with 1990.

  • By 2021, the proportion of renewable energy must equal at least 50 percent.

  • The initiative will concentrate on enhanced focus on energy savings, on efficient and sustainable energy utilisation, and on climate adaptation.