Imagine a world without waste. An earth with great promise of things to come …?


Formerly Kolding Spildevand (Kolding Wastewater), now BlueKolding – environment, energy, and climate company – covers the entire municipality of Kolding. We strive to secure a viable and sustainable world for each other and for the generations to follow. We inspire our customers and collaborative partners to assist us in achieving this target. We make Kolding climate proof, treat sewage and exploit our processes by e.g. producing electricity, clean water, and heating. And we also work towards encouraging everyone in our community – be they customers, suppliers or associates – to consider environment and sustainability from entirely new and more ambitious perspectives.

New name – New mindset

In 2015 Kolding Spildevand (Kolding Wastewater) changed its name to BlueKolding. We did this in recognition of the fact that our work area has come to encompass so much more than just ensuring the disposal and treatment of wastewater from households and business enterprises and ensuring that rain water is led back to nature. The new name is inspired by the phrase the Blue Economy – a new mindset focused on economy and sustainability. This concept is about aiming higher within the areas of environment, energy and climate. Where the green mindset is mainly focused on treating our nature in less abusive ways than we humans have so far been accustomed to, the blue mindset is focused on the effect of making better use of – on reusing to the benefit of nature.

From Abuse to use and reuse

Where, previously, we considered the task and process of cleaning wastewater as what we do, as our final objective, we are now considering this as an element in a more comprehensive process – with a more comprehensive objective. For if we intend to leave a habitable world to those coming after us – a world on which to build – then it will no longer be sufficient to think along the lines of being less abusive. The latter is the case when we discharge and clean our wastewater. Then it will do no harm when discharged into our inlets and streams. But this is not enough. We need to think the idea of making things more useful and the idea of reusing things into our actions and behaviour.


New house produces more energy than it consumes

For this reason we are constantly working to find new ways of exploiting the wastewater and improve our processes for cleaning it. We do so partly for the purpose of saving energy, but also in order to extract the heat and energy contained in the wastewater and then re-use it. Hence, we did not stop at building ourselves a new house that would use less energy than the old one. We have built a house that produces more energy than it consumes. From abuse. To use and reuse.


We exploit wastewater heat and energy

We do not stop at cleaning the wastewater to make it less harmful to the aquatic system into which we discharge it. We exploit the processes and the residual value for purposes of energy production which will provide both power and heating to the households, business enterprises and bus shelters of Kolding plus fertilizer for the town’s surrounding fields. From abuse. To use and reuse.

Monopoly means commitment

We primarily do so because our fundamental principle, at BlueKolding, is that monopoly means commitment. If you live in the Municipality of Kolding, you are automatically a customer with us. You have no other options, as we are the only enterprise providing the service of discharging rain and wastewater and cleaning the wastewater. BlueKolding owns and maintains the 2000 km of sewage pipes under roads, streets, and alleys all over the municipality. And we are also the ones owning and operating the six wastewater treatment plants in the municipality. This has been the case ever since the founding of the autonomous company Kolding Spildevand A/S, in 2010, and it still is – only we have changed our name into BlueKolding A/S.